At GEA Farm Technologies, we offer all sorts of things for dairy farmers. First and foremost, there is the milking equipment which is our heritage and defines very much what we still are today. Even as an international company, we are still headquartered in rural Westfalia. But apart from that, our products range from steel and rubber to automatic systems for feeding, milking, and cleaning.
The past years have been especially exciting for us, seeing the introduction of our automatic milking system MIone.
However, the bigger the farm, the bigger the challenges which a farmer faces today. It is hard to see romance in the tough business which dairy farming is today. All over the world, farmers must run their operations efficiently. With our DairyPlan system, we offer tools to work with: from day-to-day analysis to long-term planning. It's a thrilling experience to work on the continued improvement and advancement of these tools, knowing that farmers all over the world rely on our hardware and software to run their business.